Top 5 Funniest Stadium Names


    Writing about Young Boys last week (the Swiss football team, not the school children) and their brilliantly named Wankdorf Stadium got me thinking.

    Was this the funniest stadium name in world football?

    It turns out that incredibly it may not be.

    I’ve found 5 stadium names which just might challenge for that dubious crown.

    Praise the lord for the rise of sponsorship deals!

    5. Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium – Graz, Austria

    The home of both SK Sturm Graz and Grazer AK was named after the town’s most famous son from 1995 until 2005.

    Sadly it didn’t end well when in 2005 Schwarzenegger – then governor of California – didn’t stop the execution of leading gang figure Stanley Tookie Williams.

    This started a debate in Austria over what to do about the stadium, a debate which was ended by big Arnie himself after a few days when he withdrew the right to use his name.   It’s now called the UPC-Arena.   Which is pretty dull.

    4. Hunky Dory’s Park – Drogheda, Ireland

    United Park has been home to League of Ireland outfit Drogheda United since 1979.   Thanks to a sponsorship deal with Irish crisp brand Hunky Dory, they now have a far more amusing name.

    hunky dory
    No, no I’m not. Picture courtesy of

    3. Bargain Booze Stadium – Northwich, England

    Life in the eighth tier of English football is no stroll in the park but at least the stadium names surely keep a smile on the fans faces on fans at Witton Albion FC.

    Their home, Wincham Park, has seen a number of sponsorship deals culminate in ground name changes including Britannia Carpets Stadium, the existing Help For Heroes Stadium and the aspirational Bargain Booze Stadium.

    2. KitKat Crescent – York, England

    Thanks again to a sponsorship deal with Nestle, existing York City ground Bootham Crescent was renamed from 2005 to 2010 as KitKat Crescent.

    A wonderfully unintimidating name, it’s sadly reverted back to Bootham Crescent in more recent years, and even sadder still it’s likely to ripped down and replaced with housing in early 2018.

    1. Middelfart Stadion – Middelfart, Denmark

    Based on the island of Funen in Denmark, and home to Danish second tier outfit Middelfart G&BK, this stadium name is the stuff that adolescent boys dreams of.

    Actually, now I think about it, they probably dream about something completely different, but you get my point.

    Notable non-footballing mention – 

    The burly ice hockey players of the Nashville Predators skate out each week at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.   For 8 years from 1999 the arena was named something less butch altogether …. The Gaylord Entertainment Centre.   I shit you not.

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