New Nike England Away Kit Review


    New Nike England Away Kit Review

    So last week before the Germany away game Nike seemingly randomly dropped the new England away kit. And stone the crows, it’s only blue. I know, whatever next?

    Here’s my review of the new kit.

    If you can’t be bothered to watch my Nike England away kit review video then here’s the lowdown…

    So for some reason Nike decided they’d release a new England kit with pretty much zero fanfare or announcement and then gave fans one day to buy it ahead of the recent trip Germany.

    Strange marketing really, but there you go.

    So I clicked through on their promotional email to see what was available.

    So I had the agonising choice between the ‘stadium shirt‘ (which is just a normal shirt to you and me) for £60 or the ‘vapour match shirt‘ (pretty much the same shirt but with added pointless technology) for a ghastly £90.

    Yup, £90.

    Even the vapour shorts are £50.  For a pair of shorts.

    So obviously the prices are horrific if not predictable, however my early gripe is with the FA.   So the shirt can be ordered directly from their website.  Great.  In addition to the £60 (or £90 if you’re a flash git) they charge another fiver for postage*.

    Nike, on the other hand, will ship for free.

    Sports Direct had some initially for just £48.

    So why is it more expensive from the FA than anywhere else?

    So I ordered one all the same.

    Now it’s safe to say there were a few raised eyebrows when the kit was released.

    My Issues With The New England Away Kit

    So let’s have a look at the shirt itself.

    The obvious difference to previous shirts is that it’s blue.  Very dark blue, in fact.  Or, as the Nike marketing machine like to call it, midnight blue.

    I actually don’t have an issue with us wearing a blue shirt.   Lots of opinions on Twitter differed from mine is seems as plenty had meltdowns over wearing ‘Scotland’s kit’.

    Their away kit is pink lads, so don’t worry about it.

    I don’t completely accept the argument of there being ‘no red in the St George’s cross’ as we’ve had plenty of blue shirts before, our original change strip was blue and there more blue than red on our national badge.

    So, blue is fine with me as an alternative.  I’m not saying I want them all blue from here in, but one isn’t a problem in my eyes.  I don’t see it as some sort of attack on my heritage from the American infiltrators at Nike as some seemingly do.

    My issue is more that, well, it’s just all a bit meh.

    A bit vanilla.

    Rather like the song repertoire of a group of drunken England fans, lacking in imagination somewhat.

    When you look at some of the other kits available on the Nike website you’ll witness some really creative and unique designs.

    What a shame that we couldn’t have had one of those design teams working on our kit.

    Instead we presumably got the 16 year work experience kid, or perhaps someone who forgot it was there assignment altogether and knocked something up in Photoshop in under 60 seconds.

    Sadly it seems there a set template for national team kits with Nike, and thus we’ve therefore ended up with the same shirt as France, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, USA, Portugal and even Qatar – just in a different colour.   That’s not an exhaustive list, either.

    In summary, it’s a fairly nice stadium shirt, it’ll look great with jeans or a pair of shirts.

    Of course it’s outrageously priced when you think about it, but hey, that’s football.

    It’s just a shame that Nike couldn’t have been arsed to put a little more effort in.

    What do you think about the new England shirt?  Leave your thoughts in the comments underneath.

    The midnight blue kit is one of the many topics of conversation for episode 5 of the Three Lions Podcast.  Along with England playing three at the back, Gareth Southgate and there’s a cameo appearance from my Mum.  No, really.

    You can see the entire collection on the FA website here.

    * If you’re a supporter’s club member you do get 10% off.

    Or you can grab it with free shipping from Nike here.